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Three Videos To help you overcome your fear and achieve a beautiful smile.
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Video 1

Fear of the dentist is common.
Here’s the way to overcome it.

Video 2

5 key factors for a smile
you want to show off.

Video 3

Let’s see what a trip to the dentist
should look like.

If you’re not happy with your smile,
your confidence will struggle.

“Going to the dentist is seriously painful”

“How can I be sure what my dentist recommends is true?”

“I don’t feel comfortable when others see my teeth”

See how you can overcome all these obstacles after getting FREE access to these 3 videos.

Denise Trevorrow


“Their compassion for your feelings and fear is so obviously shown that I had no problem trusting them and actually relaxing in the chair.”

Michael Sutton


“Absolutely amazing experience from first phone call for information through my first appointment today.”

What opportunities have you missed out on,

because you weren’t confident in your smile?

Don’t let anxiety about going to the dentist hold you back any longer.


See the same process that has helped hundreds of others achieve their ideal smile.

“I would rather step in a pit of fire than go to the dentist. After my visit with Dr. Dobson, I honestly can say I feel more at ease.”

Martina Parnell

“For this paranoid petunia, they are the ONLY staff I will allow touch my teeth. Very considerate and accommodating.”

Trisha Witthoeft

Since moving out of the area I have no problem traveling 1.5 hours for their careful guidance and dental work.

Patricia Lightweis

Dr. Ken Dobson

your dentistry guide

Giving you the control and confidence to achieve the smile you want is the mission of Dr. Ken Dobson, founder of Keowee Smiles. With more than 35 years of experience practicing general and cosmetic dentistry he and his team have helped thousands of people overcome their anxiety about the dentist and transform their smiles. Dr. Dobson has seen firsthand how dentistry changes lives which is why he is committed to helping other take control of their dental experience, and in addition to his professional work, has been regularly involved in mission based dental work for underprivileged children and adults throughout his career.

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